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Power and Responsibility - The Growth of the Vape Category

Power and Responsibility - The Growth of the Vape Category

Posted by Vape Local on 29th Nov 2023

We are thrilled to share with you an insightful panel discussion held at the Convenience Conference, where industry leaders shed light on the rapid growth of the vape category and its impact on retailers. The panel, comprising esteemed experts, explored essential topics ranging from current market trends to the way forward for responsible vaping retailers. 

The esteemed panellists included Chris Kelly, representing Phoenix 2 Retail, John Dunne from UKVIA, Amit Puntambekar from Ash's Shop, Trudy Davis of Woosnam & Davies News, and Dee Sedani from One Stop. They engaged in an in-depth conversation, answering vital questions that will undoubtedly intrigue and benefit all retailers. 

Popularity of Vaping: From a Retailer Perspective 

The panel discussed the surge in popularity of vaping among consumers and its significance for retailers. They highlighted how embracing this growing trend can lead to increased revenue and a broader customer base. 

Combating Illicit Vape Products 

Retailers addressed the issue of illicit vape products and the impact they can have on responsible businesses. The panel emphasised the importance of sourcing products from reputable wholesalers to ensure authenticity and safety for customers. Current and Potential Issues in the Vape Category The discussion delved into the current challenges faced by retailers in the vape category. From regulatory compliance to changing consumer preferences, the panel offered valuable insights on navigating these issues successfully. 

The Way Forward 

With a forward-thinking approach, the panellists shared their vision for the future of the vape category. They highlighted the importance of staying informed, adapting to market dynamics, and providing a diverse range of vape products to meet consumer demands. 

This enlightening panel discussion serves as an essential resource for retailers seeking to thrive in the evolving vaping landscape. The invaluable knowledge shared by industry experts is bound to provide you with fresh perspectives, strategies, and ideas to enhance your vape retail business. 

We encourage you to watch the full video on our Vape Local website Watch Video Here to gain deeper insights and stay ahead in the dynamic world of vaping retail. The convenience conference panellists have shared their collective wisdom, and we believe their expertise will empower you to make informed decisions that contribute to your success. 

At Vape Local, we are committed to supporting you with valuable industry knowledge, top-quality products, and exceptional service. As the vaping category continues to grow, we are here to be your trusted partner every step of the way. Stay tuned for more enriching content and updates as we strive to provide you with the best resources and opportunities for your vape retail business.