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Phoenix 2 Retail's Response to the Government's Disposable Vape Ban & Other Measures

Phoenix 2 Retail's Response to the Government's Disposable Vape Ban & Other Measures

Posted by Vape Local on 29th Jan 2024

We at Phoenix 2 Retail express our profound disappointment at the Government's proposal to ban disposable vapes. While we understand and wholeheartedly support the importance of preventing youth access to vaping, blanket bans and restrictions are not the solution. Disposable vapes have played a vital role in reducing smoking rates and aiding millions of adults in quitting cigarettes in pursuit of the Government's objective to be smoke-free by 2030.

Argument against the Disposable Vape Ban:

Instead of implementing counterproductive bans, we urge the Government to focus on strengthening and effectively enforcing existing laws to prevent the sale of vapes to minors. Phoenix 2 Retail has partnered with Serve Legal to implement education, compliance, and age verification testing programs, ensuring that products do not reach underage individuals.

Impact on Smoking Cessation and Public Health:

Recent research conducted by University College London indicates that the ban could discourage vaping as a smoking cessation tool. This setback not only affects former smokers who have successfully quit using disposables but also hampers the nation's smoke-free 2030 goals. It is imperative to weigh the potential consequences of this ban on public health.

Black Market and Illegal Vaping:

We must also consider the unintended consequences of the ban, such as an increase in illegal vaping products. Countries such as Australia have experienced a surge in illicit vaping channels following similar bans. Stricter regulations and enforcement against illegal operators are crucial to protect consumers and prevent access to vaping products by children.

Economic and Healthcare Implications:

The economic repercussions of removing disposables from our communities have wide-reaching implications. The convenience sector plays a significant role in local economies, providing essential goods and services to communities. It is crucial to recognise the potential consequences and consider the impacts on the livelihoods of businesses and individuals reliant on this sector.

Secondly, we encourage the Government to look at the subsequent burden on the National Health Service (NHS). Smoking-related healthcare costs already place a significant strain on the NHS, and this ban could exacerbate that financial burden.

Flavour Restrictions and Adult Smokers:

While we acknowledge the need for restrictions on appealing flavour names and descriptions to prevent the promotion of vaping to minors, we would argue for implementing plain packaging, as such a change may discourage adult smokers from switching to vaping as an alternative to cigarettes. The Royal College of Physicians' submission supports the use of a variety of flavours for smoking cessation.


In conclusion, we strongly oppose the Government's proposed outright ban on disposable vapes. Whilst we understand and wholeheartedly support the necessity of preventing youth access to vaping and alternative measures combined with effective enforcement, we can achieve this goal without obstructing adult smokers' access to a potentially life-saving alternative. We urge the Government to consider carefully the potential consequences of the ban and explore alternative solutions that prioritise public health and support smoking cessation efforts.

Phoenix 2 Retail is committed to supporting the FMCG sector during these challenging times following the proposed disposable vapes ban; through education, resources, expert advice, and collaborative initiatives, we will continue to help businesses successfully mitigate the impact and navigate this transitional phase. As the application of the ban is discussed and evolves, we will remain fully engaged and heavily involved in the upcoming conversations.

Chris Kelly, CEO of Phoenix 2 Retail, said: Phoenix 2 Retail supports stronger regulations in the industry but believes that the proposed regulations could benefit from considered development involving all parties that would be affected by the proposed ban. The Government should focus on cracking down on importers and those selling vaping products to minors rather than on responsible operators like Phoenix 2 Retail and others who already have effective measures in place to prevent underage sales and promote recycling. The proposed regulations will have a negative impact on public health and could result in more people using harmful combustible cigarettes. I urge the Government to work with reputable businesses and industry leaders to develop effective solutions that promote a smoke-free future in the long term. We have always had a strong focus on sustainability and the long-term future of vaping - we identified early on that recycling was a key part of this as we aim to reach over 20,000 retailers by the end of 2024, ensuring that there is at least one recycling unit per store."